The FDA recommends:

“Inspect all instruments for evidence of insulation failure (device, wires, and connections) prior to use. Do not use if any defects are found”

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McGan Technology‘s electrosurgical test equipment. may prevent inadvertent burns which occur during electrosurgical procedures when the electrosurgical instruments insulation has defects causing electrosurgical instrument insulation failure. Insulation failure happens over time, through normal surgical use or being in close proximity to sharp instruments or rubbing against an abrasive surface. The insulation failure provides an alternate pathway for the current used in the operation to pass to areas that are unintended, commonly referred to as unintended tissue burns. Using an electrosurgical test equipment maintenance program can greatly reduce the number of unintended internal tissue burns and possibly electrical shock to the operating surgeon during electrosurgical procedures.

McGan’s Electrosurgical Test Equipment Includes:

Electrosurgical Insulation Defect Detector

Insulation Integrity Tester

With a 0 to 5kV fully adjustable voltage range, is a compact, handheld, re-chargeable unit that is used to detect and locate defects such as pinholes, insulation cracks and bare spots in protective coatings applied over conductive instrument’s surfaces.

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Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

ThermaSense Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

ThermaSense is a Wireless temperature and humidity sensor with external humidity and RTD based temperature sensors, the device provides a fast response time for both parameters and wireless/cloud operation with alarms notifications.

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Wire Test Unit for use with the MM513 Kit

Wire Test Unit

The Wire Testing Unit (WTU) is used to easily test the continuity of electrosurgical cables used to connect the electrosurgical generator either to the active handpiece or to the return electrode which completes the circuit between the generator and the patient.

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